Push-Up® Underpants

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Create the soft, sexy curves you've always wanted!

Our B-Ups help lift and define your butt and body smoothly for a more natural, sleek and slim look, while minimizing those unsightly bulges.

The design prevents the waistband of the padded panties from showing, fits your hips perfectly and adds dimension, giving you a charming hourglass figure.

✔️ Shapes the waist, lifts the buttocks, supports the back, slims the hips and contains the belly

✔️ Breathable and stretchy

✔️Suitable for all bodies

✔️ Invisible under clothing 

✔️ Solid color: beige

These push-up shapewear panties fit your curves perfectly, offering light but effective compression to define your abdominal area and slim your hips.

They help burn fat at the level of the belly, hips and thighs. The best ally for your body!

The integrated elastic band at the waist, it does not roll up causing unnecessary discomfort.

Thanks to its shape, it is invisible under your favorite clothes, ensuring an impeccable look on every occasion. Its ergonomic construction gives you extra support and helps improve your posture, while the breathable fabric keeps you cool and comfortable throughout the day.

Why choose them?

Our push-up panties are designed to offer incredible benefits:

🌼 Lift and Support : Push-up panties lift and support, giving you a perfect silhouette.

🌟 Improves Appearance : They enhance your natural curves, giving you a more attractive and confident appearance.

💃 Total Comfort : You won't have to sacrifice comfort for a better look. Our push-up panties offer both.

 Quality Materials : Made with high quality materials, they maintain their shape and comfort over time.

We remind you that our underwear is modeling and adapts to every shape and type of body

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